I cannot update this site without your help!  

If I do not have a beast on here that you have, or if I only have it in black and white, please send me beast card as soon as it hits it's final evolution (not max level).  The sooner, the better.  Please send beast cards saved as .png files with final evo selected from journal to me at JohnnyFievIsAlive@gmail.com.  

Special thanks to all the players for providing beast cards, abilities, graphics, and support!

Scott Gillan, Kayla Neff, Rian Natanael Tanza, ​​Haryo Che, Paul Grzelak, SwiftKitten88, James Crigler, Mark irish, Matthew Wever, Eduards Kaufmanis, Andrew Stair, Chris Melancholy, J. Bohne, Katie Bronte, Chris Babb, Zeropride, Joseph Chen, Larry Trost, Anto J Lareneg, Guy Elad, Timothy Cribb, Josh Castle, Grant Bracst, Cecili Sin, Mike D, Joey Van Wyk, Eros Morelli, Jhan Memoran, Osi Leksmono, Kenny White, Walker Wang, Leonardo Angelito, Álvaro Loyola González, Ben Horn, Thornwell Simons, Julita Woźniak, Sean Kyle, Lê Hồng Nam, Anne Molnar, Adehaines, Darjan Vujnović, Geoff Smith, Yori Bronsdijk, Jeffry De Leon, Rob Montague, Mon Estrella, Vijay Prakash, Simpoink, Jonathan Sutley, Paweł Gądek, Nidhin D-Intializd, Nicolas Cilloniz Tanji, Julio Villarreal, & all the players who give me valuable news & feedback.

Last update: 11/29/13

Any Elites, Epics, & Legends with unfinished card buttons, please send skill levels to me for :-)​​

New upcoming beast (not in game yet) - name:  Koishy