Last update:  10.02.13

Gems & metals appear on every beast, even those you fight against in the game.
​They effect your beast's strengths and weaknesses as shown in the chart below.

After some extensive testing, it appears that every beast has a "random" factor to their stat numbers.
​There is no formula that works the same exact way every time.
​Using the best gems and metals only gives you a better "chance" of increasing your stats as shown above, but it's still rarely ever the exact same even with 2 same beasts with same gem/metal.
See Beast Stats page for info on which stats do what exactly.​​​​
Tips for boosting your beast's stats:
​​- ​ Gems and metals appear randomly on each beast and they effect its stats as shown below.  Better gems/metals make your beast stronger.  You can change the gem or metal of any beast with crystal shards (see Crystals & Capturing page).
-  You can also boost a specific stat permanently, no matter what gem/metal you have with crystals (aka "Roids") which you get from selling/crystalizing unwanted beasts (see Crystals & Capturing page), but there is a limit to how much you can boost each stat which is somewhere around 125 points per stat (at lvl 60).​
-  Another way​ to increase all stats is Beast Fusion which you can do if you have 2 or more of the same beast (see Beast Fusion page).
- ​ One important thing to note is, when capturing a beast (not hatching), no matter what metal you see on it, it will "act" as Iron (the lowest metal in the game) until you upgrade it with a shard higher than its current metal. So basically, ignore the metal you see on a CAPTURED beast and assume it is Iron. I guess this exists to give a little extra incentive for us to hatch beasts and raise/train them.  In general, a fully raised beast will have higher stats than a captured beast.